About Us

SDM ITI Dariyapur looks for a unique personality in every child polishing it to bring out their best over the time. With our soft yet commanding methods, we try to mould this new generation into refined and responsible young men and ladies. We are committed to make the nation prosper by working at a very fundamental and grassroots level because we believe in grooming future leaders.

Our teaching methods are eclectic and we don’t want our students to be bookworms. We’d rather want them to be all rounder’s, to be successful in every sphere of life and to be happy for whatever life brings for them. For our students, everyday is fun filled adventure of learning and all round development. By incorporating in our students the feel good spirit and the never say die attitude, we make sure that learning is not just confined to the four walls of the classrooms. Learning comes from everything we do, no matter how small or big the activity. The aim of our school is to teach our children values; and not only facts. We truly believe our Students need this kind of education to make the world a better place.